About Us


"Welcome to Titan Custom Cables. Here you will find a brief background on how it all came about"

My aim

  • To provide you with quality cables that faithfully transmit your tone and are built to last a lifetime 

To do this

  • The instrument, microphone and speaker cables are made using high quality cable from Sommer Cable in Germany
  • Sommer Cables are manufactured to the highest standard and have a very low, if not the lowest, capacitance values available 
  • I use Sommer Cable, Abbatron G&H 1/4" Plugs, Neutrik SpeakON & XLR Connectors and Techflex Braided Sleeving to manufacture our cables
  • Extra tension relief is provided by a thin-walled adhesive Heatshrink that adheres to the connector and cable locking them together
  • The conductors are soldered to the connectors using silver bearing solder to provide a higher tensile strength and increased conductivity
  • All solder work is cleaned before final assembly and the cables tested multiple times before shipping
  • All connectors & plugs are coated in Deoxit Gold to remove any oxidation, improve conductivity and maintain optimum signal quality


The idea to start Titan Custom Cables came about when I was designing my dream guitar rig. I had designed a 20U rack case filled with top quality rack gear I had sourced from around the world.

I wanted to manufacture my own cables and went about researching what makes a great cable. I didnt want to use cheap junk cable that would affect the tone or break after a short period of use. After filtering out all the rubbish, jargon and hype I narrowed it down to the following points:

  1. Cables need to have low capacitance to reduce any treble roll off
  2. Cables need to have 100% sheilding to minimise any RFI interference
  3. Cables need to be flexible otherwise the internal conductor(s) will break over time
  4. Connectors & plugs need to be well made with quality componentry that minimise any signal loss
  5. When it came to microphone cable, Star Quad cable came out in front for its reduction in magnetically-induced interference
  6. When it came to speaker cable the AWG size of the two conductors was important to minimise the resistance offered
  7. Tension relief was important as a lot of cable breaks occured where the cable joins the connector due to insufficient tension relief

100% NZ Owned & Operated 

Working from Auckland, New Zealand, I import the cables, connectors and logo heatshrink direct from Germany and the USA. The Techflex cable armour and tension relief heatshrink is sourced in New Zealand along with all the other equipment to put it all together, including the silver bearing solder and Deoxit Gold.

 "My cables will let you enjoy the tone of your instrument they way it was meant to sound"

"I am so confident about the quality of my cables that I provide them with a lifetime warranty"

~ Jon Sharp, Owner of Titan Custom Cables Limited ~

Proudly manufactured in New Zealand