To all my muso mates!!! 

Depicted is a Titan custom cable, hand-made in Godzone by my good buddy Jonathan Sharp, aka Sharpey.

They're made using the best cables, connections and solder available, making sure that ALL of your tone makes it through.

The cheap leads that most of us use act like tone controls and suck the life out of your sound. I didn't know this til Sharpey gave me a set to try out - they made a BIG difference.

Why spend thousands on your sound and then balk at paying a bit extra for quality leads with a lifetime warranty?

Whether instrument, mic or speaker leads, Sharpey has got them. I've replaced all my leads with his, and so should you.

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Craig C, Auckland NZ - July 2016


Huge thanks to Jon at Titan Custom Cables for the sweet instrument cable! Can't wait to try it live tomorrow!

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James G, Whangarei NZ - July 2016


Great trade helpful and replied quickly.

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Luke T, Wellington NZ - September 2016


Awesome trader and awesome product.

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Ross S, Te Awamutu NZ - October 2016


Hi Jon, got your cables this morning and tried them out straight away by myself,  and then again tonight with the full band.

Very impressive! They have a lot of music in them for sure. Going to use them for the first gigs this coming Sunday and the following weekend.

Thanks for your fast turnaround. Will be in touch should more be needed.

Ulf U, Otago NZ - November 2016


Received my new speaker cable on Saturday... very impressed, looks and feels like top-notch work. No more spaghetti sized speaker cables for me!

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Simon S, Wellington NZ - December 2016


Arrived just now Jon, thanks again for the great service.

Chris D, Wellington NZ - June 2017


Hi, Jon cables are here now and sound great. I'll be using them in my workhorse setup now, should offer me some extra flexibility. Thanks, Mike

Mike W, Vancouver Canada - August 2017