Lifetime Warranty

Titan Custom Cables Limited warrants all cables manufactured by Titan Custom Cables Limited for lifetime from when purchased and it will repair or at its discretion replace without charge any cable that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.

Please retain your purchase receipt from Titan Custom Cables Limited to initiate any warranty service.

The lifetime warranty service only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

The lifetime warranty does not cover defects that are the result of an accident, misuse, contact with solvent chemicals or malfunction caused by other audio equipment. Titan Custom Cables Limited is not responsible for cable damage that is caused by user abuse or by the cable being used for what is not intended (for example do not use an instrument cable as a speaker cable... it doesn't work, don't even try it - you will damage your power amplifier and possibly melt or make the instrument cable catch fire).

The lifetime warranty excludes all incidental or consequential damages.

To activate the lifetime warranty, the cable must be returned (with a copy of the purchase receipt) at the purchaser's expense to Titan Custom Cables Limited. A replacement or repaired cable will be returned to the purchaser at Titan Custom Cables Limited's expense when deemed appropriate.

Lifetime Warranty Exceptions

The lifetime warranty does not apply to any Titan Custom Cables Limited cable that has been self-repaired or altered in any way.

The lifetime warranty excludes any damage and / or normal wear and tear to the braided sleeving (cable armour) around the outside jacket of the cable. By design, the cable armour is there to absorb any damage, thus protecting the cable and over time will show normal wear & tear.

Lifetime Warranty Return

All lifetime warranty returns require a Return Authorisation (RA) number from Titan Custom Cables Limited. Contact for an RA number to be issued prior to returning the product to Titan Custom Cables Limited.