Return Policy

Titan Custom Cables Limited is not responsible for and will not return cables that are ordered incorrectly by the purchaser, (for example cable lengths miscalculated or incorrect plug connectors selected by the purchaser).

Titan Custom Cables Limited will not accept returns because a cable does not “sound” as expected. "Tone" is a highly subjective quagmire, however we believe that our cables will faithfully transfer the signal from your instrument to your amplifier. You will notice a difference! 

All sales are final as the cables are custom made to order each time.

Please double check your order in the shopping cart before completing the purchase.

Product Inspection

Purchasers shall notify Titan Custom Cables Limited within seven (7) days of receipt of their purchased products regarding errors or omission in shipping, including but not limited to shortages in quantity, damaged goods and unacceptable substitution of goods.

Upon the expiration of the seven (7) day period, the products shall be deemed accepted by the purchaser.

Product Return

All product returns require a Return Authorisation (RA) number from Titan Custom Cables Limited. Contact for an RA number to be issued prior to returning the product to Titan Custom Cables Limited.